Lessons from a
Reporting Maestro

To make using SAP Crystal solutions even easier, our reporting Maestros
created videos that showed off their favorite tips and tricks. While all of them
rocked, you voted for Brian's videos on Flash Visualization and Report and
Field Explorer as the most helpful.

Winning Videos

Getting Started Video: "Using Report Explorer and Field Explorer"

Advanced Users Video: "Flash Visualization"

Runners Up

Getting Started Videos:
"Summarizing Data" by Mico
"Make Reports Interactive with Parameters" by Jamie
"Subreports" by David
"Connecting to a Database" by Jim

Advanced Users Videos:
"SQL Command Data Sources" by Jamie
"Running Totals" by David
"Charting" by Jim


SAP Crystal Reports Dashboard Design package displays your business data in a visually engaging way – so you can answer operational and planning questions at-a-glance.


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