Jamie Oswald

If I had a band, I would name it:
"And Your Mother"

Jamie started working with reporting software almost 10 years ago, but started rockin’ long before that (perhaps as far back as 1993, when he took in his first Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch show).

With a strong emphasis in delivering reports to end users, his technical experience ranges from querying and analysis to the presentation layer, and he does it all to an admittedly eclectic soundtrack of the Rolling Stones and old-school hip hop.

With his willingness to provide the right solution – not necessarily the requested solution – Jamie fancies himself an expert on using the right SAP® Crystal solutions tool for the right business job. What he doesn’t fancy himself is a singer. He recalls acting in three high school musicals and was forbidden to sing a single note. Not even in practice. Seriously


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